03 January, 2009

Upcoming Pentaho Book by Roland Bouman

After years, at last there's a commitment for a Pentaho book. As announced in his blog, Roland Bouman - a former MySQL employee - and  Jos van Dongen from Tholis Consulting will write a book for Wiley with the tentative title "Building Pentaho Solutions".

As a Pentaho partner in Indonesia which sometimes struggling to integrate all Pentaho formerly independent projects (Mondrian, Kettle, and  Weka) with BI Platform, of course this is a good news for us. Hope this will provide a comprehensive benefit as a guide for both Pentaho customers and partners.

Good Luck Roland and Jos !

Business Intelligence Consultant


Anonymous said...

i'm curious about right on using "pentaho" name in commercial product like book/training.Should we (non-pentaho partner) ask the permission from pentaho? Or should we re-write the title into more generic terms like business intelligence book/training?...

rpbouman said...

Hi Feris!

Thanks again for the encouragement - We're trying hard to make this a practical, hands-on type of book, and we hope you will like it. It'll be a while before it hits the shelves (in fact, most of it still needs to be written), but we're getting there.

Roland Bouman